Other Considerations

What are some of the other issues I should think about?

Children with rapidly changing hemangiomas must be followed very closely. Once the hemangioma growth has slowed or stopped, the “concern period” is over. After this, doctor’s visits will be less frequent. Photographs to monitor growth and involution are very helpful in management.

Unfortunately, if a baby’s hemangioma is in a visible location, parents are often bombarded with questions, and sometimes even rude comments from strangers. Some are even accused (either jokingly or seriously) of child abuse. You need to find an approach to help cope with these comments. Hemangiomas can also be associated with a negative impact on quality of life for a child and his or her parents. Discuss these issues with your family, friends and doctors. It is very important that the child be treated as a normal child in as many respects as possible.